Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play a vital role at Casa working alongside staff members, other volunteers and the Latino community to jointly achieve our goals. 

We are so excited that you are interested in volunteering with us. Our volunteers usually work with us between 5 and 40 hours a month.  Spanish is helpful but not necessary. They help with any of these:  Assist with children and teens in our youth programs, tutor or provide ESL in homes, classrooms, or virtually; work with our Emergency Response Team, do office tasks, help with communications, represent Casa at events, drive clients to appointments, translate, assist clients to fill out forms and use computers, plan and attend events, join the fundraising committee, provide legal assistance to clients (attorneys only), and many other opportunities like making posters, hiking with our summer campers, babysitting, creating gift boxes, baking cookies, canvassing, and attending rallies.

In the time of COVID, our volunteers are following all social distancing and masking protocols. Now we especially need:

Spanish-speaking volunteers who can work as online tutors and mentors with children who need help with online learning, or as virtual tech support to parents who are trying to set up the proper equipment.


  • A letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to their experience of you in the workplace or in the classroom (a professor) should be emailed to Sister Valerie. 
  • The following clearances.  Our auditors require us to have them on file for every volunteer and updated when they expire.  Most of the application process can be done via computer. Any expense incurred will be reimbursed once the volunteer registration process ends with an interview with Sister Valerie.  Please save any receipts and present them to Sr. Valerie.
    • A Pennsylvania criminal history clearance – click here.
    • A Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance – click here.
    • An FBI criminal history clearance – click here.  In addition to filling out the online form, this involves making an appointment for digital fingerprinting at an IdentoGo center: please see the information given on the website under “Fingerprinting Process.”  When asked for a Service Code, use 1KG6ZJ to get the reduced fee for volunteers ($22.60) which is paid at the appointment and will be reimbursed (see above.)
    • National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) clearance – click here.

To submit your application click here. If you have any questions, please e-mail Sister Valerie Zottola at .

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. We greatly appreciate your support!


Jo Schlesinger & Allan Willinger

The first week I assisted the President of the AH Board of Directors. We’d assign asylum seekers a room which was very basic – out of the cold, heat, bathroom, and TV (helpful if you have kids). If they hadn’t eaten we would give them food to hold them over until the next day.  Food bags – one for breakfast/lunch and one for dinner – were prepared by the Salvation Army and distributed by the El Paso Fire Dept (FD).  The FD distributed the breakfast/lunch food bags around 9 AM. Unfortunately, a family arriving in the late afternoon or evening often wouldn’t be on the food bag list for the next day. So I inserted myself into the food distribution process to make sure they received food.

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