Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play a vital role at Casa working alongside staff members, other volunteers and the Latino community to jointly achieve our goals. 

We are so excited that you are interested in volunteering with us. Our volunteers usually work with us between 5 and 40 hours a month.  Spanish is helpful but not necessary. They help with any of these:  Assist with children and teens in our youth programs, tutor or provide ESL in homes or classrooms, work with our Emergency Response Team, do office tasks, help with communications, represent Casa at events, drive clients to appointments, translate, assist clients to fill out forms and use computers, plan and attend events, join the fundraising committee, provide legal assistance to clients (attorneys only).

In the time of COVID, our volunteers are following all social distancing and masking protocols. Now we especially need:

Spanish-speaking volunteers to join our Rapid Response Team and meet clients at the courts for translation and accompaniment.

Spanish-speaking volunteers who can work as online tutors and mentors with children who need help with online learning, or as virtual tech support to parents who are trying to set up the proper equipment.

To submit your application click here. If you have any questions please e-mail Sister Valerie Zottola at .

Note that volunteering with Casa San Jose also requires a Pennsylvania criminal record check, a Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance, and an FBI criminal background check. Those are fairly quick to get – information on all three can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. We greatly appreciate your support!


Marta Rogers

Marta Roger’s began volunteering at Casa San Jose in November, 2019. She learned of Casa San Jose from her friend, Lee, who invited her to visit. Marta shares, “It took some time to have all my clearances ready, but I finally started collaborating on Dr. Diego Chaves Clinic, I could see how useful it was for people and I fell in love with the project and with what working with Casa San Jose means. I learnt a lot of things from Casa San José, but the most impressive thing about my experience is having met brave people whom I admire a lot who spend their lives helping others.”

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