Valentine’s Day Notes for Immigrants

Join Casa San Jose as we collect 700 notes for immigrants at Moshannon Valley Processing Center.


  • Write one phrase in simple English or Spanish. We need 475 valentines in Spanish and 225 in basic English.
  • Decorate your note with love.
  • Do not sign your card or write anyone’s name on it.
  • Bring your card to 2116 Broadway Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 by 02/06/22. No postage or envelope is needed.
  • Join our event on Facebook at and share pictures of your cards with us to inspire others with your work.

Some examples of phrases to include:

  • You are not alone. | No estás solo.
  • You are loved. | Eres amado.
  • Love knows no borders or walls. | El amor no reconoce fronteras ni muros. 
  • You are not forgotten. | No estás olvidado.
  • You are important to us. | Eres importante para nosotros. 
  • Your life is important to us. | Tu vida nos importa. 
  • My spirit is with you this Valentine’s Day. | Mi espíritu está contigo este Día de San Valentín. 
  • Keep up your hope, courage and faith! | ¡Sigue con ganas, esperanza, y fé!
  • We are with you. | ¡Estamos contigo!
  • I hold you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. | Estás presente en mi corazón, mis pensamientos y mis oraciones.
  • Together we can share each other’s strength and courage. | Juntos podemos compartir nuestra fuerza y valor. 
  • I am with you in spirit on this Valentine’s Day. | Mi espíritu está contigo en este Día de San Valentín.
  • We will keep fighting for you. | Seguimos luchando para tí.