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Census 2020

Casa San José encourages everyone in Pennsylvania, regardless of immigration status, to fill out the U.S. Census form by October 31st to ensure equal representation and equal access to important governmental and private sector resources for everyone, including across racial and ethnic lines.

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30-day countdown to fill out the Census 2020
TWO important facts worth knowing about the 2020 Census!

Vote 2020

The election is around the corner! Not only for President, but for US Representatives to Congress, State Representatives and Senators, and State Attorney General. Their policies will impact immigrant communities – and all of us – enormously.  Our state representatives in particular will decide on key issues for immigrants such as access to driver’s licenses and tuition equity.
We join our partner PICC in recommending:

1. Register to Vote by Oct. 19, 2020

The first step is making sure you are registered to vote. All eligible residents of PA can register online (the application is available in English and Spanish by choosing the language on screen). If you have moved recently, check your registration and update with your current address.

2. Request your Mail-In Ballot by Oct. 27, 2020

Stay safe and healthy by voting from home! All registered voters in PA can request a mail-in ballot this year (the application is available in English and Spanish by choosing the language on screen).

3. When it arrives, return your ballot by Nov. 3, 2020 – but the sooner the better!

Your completed ballot must be RECEIVED by the county board of election by 8:00pm, Tuesday Nov. 3, 2020. This means you should mail the ballot early or drop it off in person at your county election office.

If you include an email address you will receive email updates on the status of your application and ballot. You can also check the status online.

4. If you choose not to vote with a mail-in ballot, you can vote in-person on Nov. 3, 2020

If you want to vote in-person, polls will be open 7:00am-8:00pm on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Polling locations are likely to change this year, so make sure to check for your polling location before you leave the house on Election Day!

For more information and resources on PA elections: www.votespa.com.

VotesPA is also available in Spanish. Click here.

Vote by mail

The 2020 Election is NOW. Voting by Mail is safe and secure. Don’t wait to request your ballot. Watch this video by All Voting is Local to learn about the process so you can be safe and be heard.

All Voting is Local 2020

Elections 2020

Practical guide regarding the Elections 2020 in Spanish

For more information on voting, please contact our Community Organizer on Social and Civic Engagement, Benjamin Gutschow at 412-670-1935.