Puentes Hacia el Futuro

Puentes Hacia el Futuro


Puentes Hacía el Futuro is made up of youth ages 6 to 14. This group is about making each child feel important and cared for while looking toward the future and finding their place in both the Latino and the American culture. Community building creates trust within the group as well as in the community. Through activities, discussions, and self-driven activities youth develop vital skills needed to promote leadership. The program provides a variety of activities every child should have the opportunity to do such as: hiking at the Todd Nature Preserve, visiting the Carnegie museums, attending theatre performances, creating books and artwork, and celebrations of the Latino culture (Día de Los Muertos, for example). Through celebrations and cooking, the group shares personal culture and experiences with one another.

During the school year, the program has an additional focus on academics. Homework help and academic support are offered during the program.

Puentes Hacía el Futuro meets every Saturday to provide year-round programming. Puentes offers a space to build community, express culture, offer educational support, and provide mentorship.

For more information please call us at (412) 343-3111 or contact Jose Ochoa at jose@casasanjose.org.