Our Staff – Youth Community Organizer


is our Youth Community Organizer on Social and Civic Engagement. Originally born in Guatemala, Ben came to the U.S. as a child through adoption, and now lives in Pittsburgh. He is a high school senior who has spent the last few years as a youth-activist focused on environmental, social, and racial injustice.

Founding the first Latinx Student Union at his school, Ben is dedicated to spreading awareness about the struggles and strengths within the Latino community. He travelled with fellow youth members of Casa to speak at the Racial Justice Summit, and even to

Washington D.C. to advocate for human rights to members of the United Nations.

He has organized various strikes and protests around Pittsburgh, like the Global Climate Strike in September of 2019, and has spoken at many events against discrimination and injustice. He has worked with Casa throughout his time in high school, and is excited to join the staff.