Our Staff – Mental Health Coordinator


is from Puerto Rico and is the mother of two and the grandmother of three grandchildren. In 1987 she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, with a specialization in Investigation from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. During her study period, she participated in the Pro-Bono program (Voluntary Legal Services of the Bar Association) conducting investigations and evaluations of minors to assist the defense in court. In addition, she obtained her master’s degree in Family and Child Counseling from the Cambridge College Campus of Puerto Rico. After graduating, she began working at the Addiction Mental Health Services

Administration (ASSMCA). Working in different treatment programs both Residential and Outpatient.

In 2002, she started a new job in the Puerto Rican Department of Justice, in the Victims and Witnesses Assistance program until 2019. During that period she was a volunteer for La Tierra Prometida, a non-profit organization, whose purpose was to assist the homeless population in developing job skills, job placement, housing and counseling. In mid-2019, for family reasons, she decided to come to Pennsylvania and began working in the non-profit sector. All organizations she worked into focused on early childhood education. Since she arrived to this state, people told her about Casa San José and the excellent work they did with the Latino residents. She is very honored to be a part of this organization. From a very young age, she was always inclined to help others, and contribute so that they can have a better quality of life.