Our Staff – ISAC Bilingual Navigator


is our newly appointed ISAC Bilingual Navigator.

She is from Colombia and has a degree in Business Administration from her country of origin. She worked in the business field for an extended period until she moved to Australia in 2013 to study English. In 2015 she moved to Pittsburgh to continue her education at the Community College of Allegheny County. She took English and business classes.

Once she finished her studies, she did an internship with an organization for international students.

Her role was to support them while they adapted to the American culture, help them navigate the city, understand the transportation system, and connect them with American families to host them for the holidays. She also volunteered at the Carnegie Library located Downtown. She helped collect data from different resources to support the Hispanic community in Pittsburgh.

At Casa San Jose, Andrea is eager to continue to help Latinos and connect them with the various resources available, so they can adapt to their new home.

Andrea is a lover of good coffee. In her free time, she enjoys studying different types of coffee and the various techniques to prepare a cup of coffee.