Our Staff – Intensive Case Manager – Allegheny Co.


is our newly appointed Emergency Case Worker.

Dora E Tenjo is originally from Bogotá-Colombia, a country that she loves. She is a Social Worker, a profession with which she identifies herself due to the philosophy directed to provide help and solutions to the problems of the individual and their environment, including the community. She was attracted to Casa San José because of its mission and the services it provides to the Hispanic community.

She aims be able to support the Latino community to strengthen their rights by providing them with the means and resources so that Latinos are valued and respected as worthy human beings and guide the potential that individuals, families and the community have to achieve their short and long-term goals.

In her home country, she has always been working in contact with people, once she settled in the US, she had the opportunity to work with children as a preschool teacher in Orlando, FL and in Boston, MA. She also supported an after-school program at a community center in Boston, MA.

The city of Pittsburgh has brought stability to her life not just on a personal level. At a professional level, she worked helping families with financial needs, with public services for the Philadelphia area. In addition, as Case Manager, she had the opportunity to work with refugees, specifically with unaccompanied minors who crossed the US border, she worked to reunify these minors with their families within the USA. She considers this was an intense but very rewarding job.

Dora shares, “being part of family reunification is a very beautiful experience, I learned a lot not only from my work, but also from families and children.  As a professional, my goal is to continue serving and doing my best to support and serve individuals, families, and the community. I want to continue meeting people from all over the world and learning from their rich cultures and traditions.”