Our Staff – Community Policy Organizer


is our newly appointed Community Organizer on Social and Civic Engagement. He was born in Thornwood, New York and will be graduating from Duquesne University with a double major in Political Science and Spanish and a minor in History. He has Hawaiian and Cuban decent. His Cuban mother came to New York when his family left in 1961. He has always been grateful that the United States was so welcoming with open arms to his family. Therefore, he has searched for an opportunity to give back and help families who were in the same position as his family when they first arrived. He believes this country is made up of immigrants and that

each immigrant should have an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

He worked as a legislative intern for the County legislator, Margaret Cunzio, on the Westchester County Board of Legislators in the summer of 2019. In addition, he served as an intern for the Westchester County Department of Corrections in 2017. He will use both of his experiences to provide unique insight and devise solutions that can help his work with the Latino community in Pittsburgh. His goal is to show Allegheny county the strife the Latino community faces and how they can become an active part in aiding a community that is in much need of our help. In addition, good past times of his are exercising and learning about Latin American History.