Meet our Young Latinx Members


“My background gives me an insight on the hardships the latino community faces. I grew up in Pittsburgh but I am originally from Bolivia. I joined FLY so I could be part of a group of youth leaders that have the same goals and values as me. I know that being a part of such an empowering team will give me the opportunity to help improve the lives of other young people like me. I am proud to be a Latina because of our loving and supportive community.”


“I am participating in F.L.Y. because too often Latino’s are treated like second class citizens, as if we have no rights. Further, latino youth voices are silenced and ignored, and it’s about time we join the movement working towards a better society for everyone.”


“Estoy orgulloso de ser latino porque tengo una cultura hermosa. Lo bueno de ser un latino que tengo una hermosa familia y que conocen la humildad. Quería participar en F.L.Y. Pittsburgh porque a mí me gusta aprender muchas cosas sobre liderazgo y tengo un guía que sí puedo ser un ejemplo para cualquier joven que necesite aprender y espero que esto me ayude para ir a la universidad.”


“I joined because I thought it would be a great opportunity to help the latino community and people of color even making a small change in society. The culture and history we have is just beautiful, I love the food and music and traditions we have because they are different from anything else and it should be celebrated.”


“Estoy participando en F.L.Y. Pittsburgh porque quiero hacer un cambio positivo en la comunidad latina ya que soy parte de ella y al hacer un cambio positivo en ella podrá tener un mejor futuro y es realmente lo que yo quiero tanto como para mí como para los demás. Estoy orgulloso de ser latino en todos los sentidos porque tenemos muchas cualidades que nos hacen únicos y especiales y también porque el orgullo de ser latino te enseña que cuando damos un paso hacia adelante como persona estamos ayudando a muchos otros a que avancen con nosotros.”


“I am proud to be Latina because it comes with its strength such as an experience with another culture, confidence of who I am, a new perspective, and a great cookbook. School is one of the places where I feel isolated as a Latina because I’m one of the few Latinas. I believe that I’m not the only one that feels like this. I’ve always been proud to be a part of the Latinx community, but I have realized that there are issues for our youth and a lack of resources. I joined F.L.Y Pittsburgh because I want to help people like how I wish I was helped in a way.”


“I joined F.L.Y. so I could be more involved in the Latino community and experience something new. I know that being a part of this program will allow me to create a positive change and better future for the youth of the latino community. I am proud to be a Latino because I am able to help my community.”


“I joined F.L.Y. because I wanted to help the community and because I wanted to make things right between people so there are no hate against other’s and just love between each other, and I’m proud to be Latino because of my culture and the food, the tradition, the people, my skin, and because I love to represent the Hispanics and to help them out.”


“I joined F.L.Y. because I really liked what the group was based around and I really liked that the group always tries to help others and anyone. I’m so proud to be Latina because Our people are always so nice and helpful.”