Kate Greuel – Intern

Kate Greuel is from Colorado and she is studying social work and public/international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently in the second semester of her graduate program. 

She has been lucky enough to have many different work and volunteer experiences. These include three AmeriCorps programs in Washington, Colorado, and Utah, as well as time working and/or volunteering abroad. 

Casa San Jose was recommended to her by a professor before she even arrived in Pittsburgh! She is hoping to work for organizations that serve refugee, immigrant, and asylee/asylum seeker populations, and as she shares, “Casa San Jose seems to do so much good for the local Latinx community. I also love to speak Spanish, so that has been wonderful as well!” 

In the future she hopes to return to Colorado following graduation. There, she would like to work at a ‘big-picture’ level for a nonprofit or governmental organization (likely one that serves refugee/immigrant/asylee/asylum seeker populations). She is grateful to be involved with Casa San Jose now!