Gracie Brickner – Intern

Gracie Brickner is from Connecticut. She is studying at the University of Pittsburgh. She is getting her Master’s in Social Work, specifically in the Community, Organization, and Social Action program. She is in her first year, second semester. 

After receiving her undergraduate degree also from the University of Pittsburgh, she worked as a community organizer with the United Steelworkers and a press intern with NextGen America in San Francisco. She also has previous student organizing experience with groups such as United Students Against Sweatshops, Community and Students for All Workers, and the Divest from Fossil Fuels movement. 

She has lived in Pittsburgh for about five years now and has heard of the wonderful things Casa San Jose has done for the community. When this opportunity presented itself, she was eager to be able to work with such a wonderful organization and help contribute to one of their many projects.