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On July 25th, Casa kicked off its newest program F.L.Y. Pittsburgh with a youth-leadership retreat. Lasting two days and one night, the leadership retreat took place at the North Campus of the Winchester Thurston School–a large area where social-distancing guidelines were very easy to maintain. Here, they were able to take advantage of the beautiful location through various activities outside. From tie dye, to a bonfire, to a fishbowl on identity and experience, this two day long event brought the team closer than ever. Indoors, the members learned things like the Cycle of Oppression and how to break it, and the core identifiers that make them who they are. Most powerful was the “Wall”, where members wrote down the common misconceptions and microaggressions they’ve received as Latino’s, and used it to understand why they joined FLY Pittsburgh in the first place .

Here are some quotes from our team regarding their experience on this Leadership Seminar Retreat:


“It was very fun and well organized. I had so much fun, and it was very educational. I learned a lot of new things that I will use in my future.”


“The retreat was a really good experience for me because I learned for the first time that I like the wildlife, not to mention I got to meet great new people. I learned about new things like what has happened to others and what people like me have been called. “


“The retreat taught me a lot about how to use my voice to fight for what I believe in. Throughout the weekend I was able to collaborate with the other members and come up with different ways that we can take our knowledge from the retreat and apply it to real life activism. I was extremely inspired by the different stories that were shared and it gave me the chance to really understand the different hardships other people in my community have experienced.”