Cecilia Franchi – Intern

Cecilia Franchi is from California but has been living in Pittsburgh for 10 years. She studied psychology and neuroscience in undergrad and she is currently in her first year for a Masters in Social Work at University of Pittsburgh. She has previously worked at Manchester Academic Charter School as a teaching assistant and Western Psych on the adolescent bipolar unit. She currently works at Auberle with 18 – 25 year olds who have experience in the system (foster care, group homes, juvenile justice, etc.) in transitioning to independent living.

She first heard about Casa San Jose a few years ago through an event with The Big Idea Bookstore and Café. She was drawn to Casa as a resource for the Latinx population in Pittsburgh. Both of her parents are from Peru and felt disconnected from her Hispanic heritage even before moving to Pittsburgh. She wanted to connect and give her resources to the Latinx community, and also improve her Spanish.  

In the future she wants to research identity constructs and how they can impact mental health. She is interested in how experiences of being an immigrant, a 1st generation citizen, and non-English speaker can impact a person’s sense of identity and well-being within the United States.