News for Amigos de Casa San José: December 10, 2019

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We are SO grateful to our extremely generous Amigos for supporting us so strongly on #GiveBigPittsburgh! Casa San José got the prize for “Most Raised by Budget” in the mid-sized category, and was #15 overall. We raised $21,548 from 225 wonderful donors. (If you missed the chance, you can still donate here until Dec. 31.) ¡¡Mil gracias to all of you!!

How to take action:

The deadline is Dec. 30! Please stop by Casa San José’s Public Comment Party this Wednesday, Dec.11, from 7-8:30pm, at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (John Knox Room, 616 North Highland Ave.) to oppose the Trump administration’s deeply unjust proposed USCIS fee hikes, which will:

  • transfer over 200 million dollars to ICE from USCIS (i.e. from adjudication to enforcement)
  • increase fees for citizenship ($640 to $1,170), lawful permanent residency, DACA, asylum, employment authorization, and other applications 
  • eliminate fee waivers for many types of immigration applications

Laura Perkins will give a brief overview of the policy change and there will be delicious food from Salim’s Halal Market and Grill. It should only take 10-20 minutes to comment. Please bring a laptop if you have one. 

You should not have to be wealthy to become an American or to keep your family together.  If you are unable to stop by, you can submit a public comment here  – and please share the link with your network. Thank you for your solidarity!

How you can help:

We need make sure that everyone is represented in the 2020 Census. In February and March, Casa will organize dooknocking, textbanking, and phonebanking to urge people to stand up and be counted! If you are able to help, please contact Katherine at interns@casasanjose.org, and please include the word “census” in the subject line of the email. 

News on what we’re doing:

Our Saturday youth program at the Boys & Girls Club has added some tutoring sessions to help the kids do their best in school.

This month, our Community Organizer Veronica is setting up Know Your Rights sessions geared for the specific occupations of restaurant workers and construction workers.

Casa joined a group of students, staff and faculty at CMU to protest the university’s involvement with Palantir Technologies, which recruits on campus. Palantir has large contracts with ICE; its technology was used in the August raid of a Mississippi factory where 680 immigrants were arrested. Laura spoke at this event which was part of a larger #NoTechForIce Student Day of Action.

We are so lucky to have 6 wonderful new interns this year! See their full profiles here. They are helping in so many vital ways:

  • Kelcey Bailey – from the University of Pittsburgh, working in community organizing, emergency response, and newcomer orientation.
  • Maura DeLuca – from Edinboro University, working at our front desk doing direct client service.
  • Fabiola Andrade – from the University of Pittsburgh, working with our ISAC Service Coordinators and Navigators.
  • Haleemah Shajira – from the University of Pittsburgh, working in community engagement.
  • Katherine Anderson – from the University of Pittsburgh, working in emergency response.
  • Kiersten Daugherty – from Duquesne University, working with our youth programs.

Learn more:

“Despite Warnings, Trump Moves to Expand Migrant Family Detention”, Caitlin Dickerson, New York Times, Dec. 9.

“A new report on family separations shows the depths of Trump’s negligence”, Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker, Dec. 6.

“Activist acquitted of harboring immigrants”, AP, Nov. 20.

The US Immigration Policy Center at the Univ. of California at San Diego, partnering with the San Diego Rapid Response Network, has issued important research on asylum seekers, compiling data on over 17,000 asylum seekers and their families, including 7,900 children five years or younger. “Seeking Asylum”, Part 1 and Part 2.

Thank you for joining us!

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