Please comment on new proposed rule that drastically raises fees for immigration and citizenship

Deadline to comment: Dec 16th, 5 pm.

On Nov. 14 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS proposed a new fee schedule for immigration costs. It would drastically raise the fees for adjustment of status, asylum, DACA renewals and naturalization, and eliminate critical fee waivers for vulnerable and low-income immigrants. It also transfers $207 million from USCIS to ICE to use for enforcement.

This puts the American Dream out of reach for low-income and working-class immigrants. The only way to fight this is to submit a public comment. Over 4000 comments (see these for examples) have already been posted, overwhelmingly opposed. The holiday weekend is a perfect opportunity! You can do it:

Learn more here, and make your voice heard!

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Casa San Jose is a community resource center that advocates for and empowers Latinos by promoting integration and self-sufficiency. Our mission is to model a strong culture of acceptance and integration in which immigrants and other newcomers are treated with dignity, respect, and kindness and can freely preserve and celebrate their unique cultures while adapting to their new lives in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

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