Casa San Jose will be hosting DACA Clinics, for more information on the clinics click here!



National Call-In Day For DREAM Actunnamed-11.png

  • Here’s how to participate: 
  • 1. Dial 1-888-778-6856 and wait for the “welcome” message.
  • 2. When prompted, enter your zip code
  • 3. Wait for your call to be connected to your Representative or Senator and tell them to pass a clean Dream Act now.
  • Suggested Script :
    • Hello, my name is __________ and I live in __________ (city and state). As your constituent, I am calling to urge you to pass a clean Dream Act. Every day that Congress fails to act, 122 community members lose their DACA status and are at risk of being deported. Please pass a clean Dream Act. Thank you for your time.
  • There is recent good news that a CA federal judge issued an injunction to maintain DACA. But this is a temporary fix. We need still a clean DREAM Act, an end to the mass deportations, and legislation that provides permanent protections.

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