“Unsettled in America” Post-Gazette

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Jose Raymondo Marroquin said he would fear for his life if he were deported to his native Guatemala, where he challenged local drug dealers. (Nate Guidry/Post-Gazette)

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette touches on the lives of the Latino immigrant community in Pittsburgh highlighting the work that Casa San Jose to support this community. “Unsettled in America” allows readers to get first hand counts of the Latino community in Pittsburgh and touches on subjects such as why Pittsburgh has a smaller Latino population than other cities of similar size, stories of resilience and faith, and what it is like to live in Pittsburgh under the constant fear of ICE deportations, something Monica Ruiz a community organizer with Casa San Jose touches on:

When things like these executive orders come out, what does it say to people?” she said. Immigrants are often fleeing horrible conditions in their homelands. “These people are human beings. These people are dying to come here. That’s got to tell you something. How bad does it have to be to risk your life, the life of your wife, your children, to do the same? They’re not here to drain the system.

The article also gets into the work of Casa San Jose, the roots, the founders, and the mission.

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