Proactive Town Hall Meeting in Lawrenceville


Constituents met without Rep. Tim Murphy on February 21, 2017.
Local constituents request the presence of Rep Dom Costa at a local town hall meeting in Lawrenceville to talk about his support for “ affirmative votes on a 20-week abortion ban during the last legislative session and on a bill to withhold the identities of police officers after incidents involving use of force. Bickford said the group is also troubled by Costa’s co-sponsorship of a bill to reintroduce mandatory minimum sentencing in Pennsylvania and a bill to require employers to verify the citizenship status of workers.” WESA highlights the role that organizations such as Casa San Jose have on local representatives, showing the important work that they do to move representatives to stand for the needs of their communities and constituents.

Read the full article from WESA: Pittsburgh’s NPR News Station here.

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