Anti-Immigrant Bills

Protest in Penn Hills

State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Penn Hills, was willing to listen Thursday, when the group of 10 showed up outside his office asking him to withdraw a bill that would impose fines and jeopardize businesses licenses of companies that hire undocumented immigrants. (Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlights the important work that community organizations and activists are doing to make sure that local representatives are standing up for their communities in the face of anti-immigrant sentiments coming from the White House: “In the political climate we’re in right now, the narrative is that immigrants are bad. And people who don’t take time to ask questions to learn what’s really going on believe the hype,” said Monica Ruiz, a community organizer with Casa San Jose. “Whoever yells the loudest gets the most attention, and we’ve got a big yeller in the White House.” This article focuses on the successes that organizers have won such as Costa taking away his sponsorship of a bill that would have required local schools to work with ICE as well as all the work that remains to make sure that elected officials are supporting the immigrant population.

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