Next Pittsburgh on Veterans Taking a Stand for Immigrants and Refugees


(Matt Landis)

Michael Machosky, writer for Next Pittsburghpoints out the weight U.S. veterans’ perspective carry with policy-makers.

Matt Landis, did several tours in Iraq with the Army, is quoted, “There’s a commonality between veterans and immigrants. Very few people in this country get to see the process of creating freedom. Immigrants, they’re basically creating their own freedom by going through the struggle of coming here.”

Several veterans, Landis included, spoke at a press conference on February 8, 2017 along with others including the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh, and Casa San Jose.


In regards to demonizing whole cultures, Landis states, “We are broadcasting the message that the U.S. doesn’t respect your culture enough to recognize its complexity. We frequently send the same message to segments of our own population, and the damage is no less. Again, that’s not what I fought for.”

Landis comes away from the press conference with a goal for the rest of the country, “I hope that…people saw these veterans, standing alongside these refugees and immigrants, and understood: we are no snowflakes, our heart cannot be questioned, and we aren’t going to allow the ideas we fought for to be so easily trodden underfoot.”

Landis also focuses on community events focused on meeting and learning about new people and cultures. “Seek these opportunities out,” says Landis.

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